Beauty Treatments for HIM & HER
Premium Facial
Products and treatment are tailored to your skin type. Includes a hand or foot massage. - approx. 80 min.
80 Min
€ 118,00
Classic Facial
Let us pamper you with products tailored to your skin type in a treatment that leaves your skin glowing - approx. 50 min.
50 Min
€ 79,00
Basic Facial
Refresh your face with a scrub, toner, massage and a finishing treatment. - approx. 25 min.
25 Min
€ 45,00
Time for Face & Décolleté
Intensive facial and décolleté treatment, cleansing, intensive peeling, toning. Facial massage, ampoule and moisturizing face mask. Incl. eyebrow correction and coloring - approx. 90 min.
90 Min
€ 129,00
Ampoule Cure
After facial cleansing and intensive peeling are performed, two ampoules are worked into the facial skin and décolleté. The final cream mask supports the effect of the ingredients so that the skin can look plumped up and fresh afterwards - approx. 50 min..
50 Min
€ 68,00
Care for Face, Neck & Décolleté
After cleansing and exfoliation of the facial skin, a relaxing massage is performed for the face, neck, shoulders and décolleté. The treatment, which stimulates blood circulation, leaves the skin looking rosy and fresh. - approx. 45 min.
45 Min
€ 68,00
Beautiful Eyes
Cleansing of décolleté, neck and face with focus on the eye area is followed by a special eye massage and mask. Small wrinkles can be redzuiert and the eyes shine again, incl. eyelash tinting. - approx. 40 min.
50 Min
€ 54,00
Cosmetic Back Treatment
A beautiful back can be delightful. Cleansing, peeling and a moisturizing mask allow the back area to breathe deeply and relax. - approx. 50 min.
50 Min
€ 56,00
Cosmetic Full Body Treatment
After the full body peeling, back area cleansing, facial cleansing and peeling, full body cream pack and facial cream mask then take effect in the warmth of the soft pack couch. Moisturizing, skin clarifying and soothing. - approx. 60 min.
60 Min
€ 78,00